Adhocism (with Sisi Lu, Lolyd Pitt, TzuChuan Huang, Suzie Jingyi Yu, Kevin Zheng)(2012) BACK
  Our research was based around street-markets and stalls, as we saw these as rich situations for adhoc behaviour; giving potential for interaction with the creators and users themselves. The core markets selected covered a wide geographic area and the range of choices available in London. The markets studied in this project were Brixton, Camden and Borough markets.

The examples of "adhocism" were numerous and detailed, with the insight gained from short interviews giving an extra understanding. From the trends and motivations found we, as a team, generated ideas inspired by this research.

Our final concept is to create an open-source community where the sorts of improvised, adhoc behaviours uncovered during our research can be shared and celebrated as a resource of ingenuity. We have noticed the trend of the creation of an "adhoc" aesthetic, which is used to give an authenticity to areas such as Borough market to support the ideal of organic and homemade produce. On further investigation these so-called adhoc items were found to actually be heavily considered designs by designers looking to recreate the improvisational style.

We propose to create a platform where the exciting and genuine adhoc moments can be observed and used as a resource for everyone: a website that can be used by people with a specific scenario or need, as well as anyone looking for inspiration on a theme. Its purpose is to make these ideas accessible and give back to users a sense of the joy and functional capability that can be gained from adhoc solutions. The result is a forum celebrating the wide range and varied nature of adhoc and improvised solutions. This will also not restrict the user to the designer's own viewpoint of which examples are worth replicating, but rather give each user the freedom to make their own decision.