Identity & Visual Language BACK

Outcome: A rebranded packaging and a brochure of Bayer Aspirin
(packaging size: 110mm*60mm / Brochure size: 100mm*210mm)

“Design became Identity, Identity became Branding, Branding became Living It” — Peter Knapp, Landor
: A short description of the design practice of visual identity design.

Idea: Bayer Aspirin visual identity

Firstly, to understand what is visual brand identity I have researched and analysed Graphic, Typography, Module, Pattern, Colour,Interaction, Metaphor, and Movie. Then I have chosen the brand of Bayer Aspirin because the Bayer has been created in 1881. However they have only the logo without visual identity. When researching, there are all different websites and packagings in each country. Keeping the Logo, I created the visual identity of Bayer as packaging and manual book for integration for each country’s visual identity universally.