Through conceptual design, provoke speculation about the function of technology. Conceptual design is a type of art in which gives precedence to hypothetical function, it is the creation and exploration of new ideas.

During festive occasions people usually give and receive greeting cards and letters. On occasion I really speculate if the sender actually means what is written or it is just for form¡¯¨ªs sake.
This is when I devised the Truth Pen. Based upon a heart rate machine and polygraph, I developed an idea of which it verifies when the truth is not being written.
  Lie Detector: When people lie, there are some physical changing such as muscles shakes, rising heart rate, quickness of respiration, blood pressure, skin conductivity, and sweat. These changes are built using the lie detector.
Sensor: Composed of neon light, a bar communicates the level of deception based on the lie detector mechanism. The higher the level the more deception is detected.
Ink: The dual ink cartridge shape is rounded and thin for combination with body.