PHOTOSHOP CARDS: The education and promotion of Adobe photoshop (2012) BACK
  Sustainability is the maintenance of the environment, and an essential duty of human beings. However, the environment here refers to the digital one.
The Internet is flooded by countless badly designed websites and advertising. Based on a graphic designer's point of view, the Photoshop Cards were created to provide customers with one more ladder to familiarise, learn. Then putting to proper and professional use of this software for ideal virtual environment.

The idea of the Photoshop Cards is a combination of match memory game with Photoshop short-cut keys. To win the match memory game, every player, whether familiar with Photoshop or not, is forced to memorise all the Photoshop short-cut keys. Furthermore, they will be naturally and unconsciously convinced that playing this game is also a very good exercise for them to master the Photoshop skills.

Everybody loves games but more than that, everyone wants to win games. Meanwhile, for the Photoshop users, mastering short-cut keys might be one of the most glaring badges for their proficiency.